Trends change with the weather


"Woman's clothing store - Bargains" by My name's axel is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Shopping is fun and all, but are there different styles you turn to each season?

Fashion trends come and go. The difference between summer and winter styles are different, but they are also very similar, especially because of the change in weather.

During the summer, midi skirts and skirts were in. People often wore them with dainty crop tops or tank tops to help deal with the heat.

Bucket hats were another summer style that many participated in. Bucket hats and any sort of sports hat  were really popular and were a summer staple.

Rectangle shaped sunglasses and the small sunglasses were also trending; everyone was wearing them, including a lot of different celebrities.

Any sort of baggy jeans was also becoming really popular, especially Mom jeans. It was as if everyone had at least one pair of Mom jeans or Mom shorts in their closet. These styles were often paired with either some sort of cropped or tight shirt or an oversize t-shirt.  The big shirt little pants or little shirt big pants were a common way that many people styled their outfits this summer.

For accessories, teens started wearing some sort of beaded or pearl necklaces and tote bags were a huge accessory piece and still are at the moment.

But now that the weather has shifted, trends have changed to adapt to the cooler temperatures. Layering has become really common. Many layer graphic t-shirts with a thermal or a type of long sleeve to keep them warm over these cold winter days. The flannel over the hoodie has also been a trend lately. Flannels and hoodies really give you the  winter feeling.

Baggy jeans are still in style and almost everyone is wearing them.

Puffer jackets have actually been trending and are in style at the moment; many use it as their top  layering .  

Boots, like Doc Martins, or any type of platform boots, or shoes like Converses have gained in popularity, too.

When thinking of summer styles vs winter these trends evolve for each season. Don’t get rid of your summer clothes, yet. The warmer temperatures are just around the corner and you might want to pull on those Mom shorts again.