Seasons change, but sisters remain

All in a Name – Summer all year round

For some people, the best time of the year is summer, but for Milan and Tahlia Summerall, they enjoy “summer all” year round. “I like the season of summer because it starts with the beginning of my last name,” said Milan.

The patriarch of the family has the name, although all of his siblings have different last names. In the Summerall family, there are unusual surnames on both sides, including Heard, Michelle, and Picne. Milan almost got a double dose of the season when her mother considered giving her the first name Summer as well.


“If I could create my own last name I would name myself Rousseau because it’s a French last name,” she said. For Tahlia, she would want to have the last name Blue, she said, “because my favorite color is blue.”

People respond differently to the sisters when they learn their actual last name. “They like to make little jokes about it like Summer-all or Summer,” said Milan. “When people hear my last name they say that I have a long last name,” Tahlia said.


Milan explained that her sister’s nickname is Summer Skai because she has a middle name Skai.

Even though they have been going to Armijo for a while, they have not gotten too involved and tend to be quietly on the sidelines, absorbing the high school experience. “If I could, I would play Badminton or Volleyball,” said Milan. Her sister has been involved in ETS (Educational Talent Search) as an extra-curricular activities and plans to go to college to become a forensic psychologist, lawyer or an investigator.

Milan, on the other hand, knows that she wants to go to a Christian college after she graduates and eventually work in a Russian bakery, but before she goes to college, she and her sister are going to enjoy their summer.