UC candidates, don’t forget!

Letters of Recommendation due by January 15


Photo by Nicholas Ismael Martinez on Unsplash

Before you walk the hallowed halls, you need to have someone tell them why you deserve to do that.

If you are applying to a UC, here is some important information.

Letters of Recommendation

The University of California (UC) system invites up to 15% of freshman applicants to submit up to two letters of recommendation. A recommendation letter from a teacher, counselor, or another education professional can be helpful in our review as it can add context to the application.

Letters of recommendation are not required, and the invitation to submit a letter should not be used as a predictor of admission.  Note that letters of recommendation are only accepted for invited students through the UC’s electronic systems.  

The deadline for letter submission is January 15, and letter requests will be issued to applicants through the first week of December. Please remember that, upon receiving a request to submit letters of recommendation, enter their recommender’s information into the UC’s electronic system.