Rider University invites you to 41st Annual Writing Contest

Deadline: December 20; Prizes : $100, $50 and $25


Ridyer University has been hosting this contest since the 1980s.

Essay: Write a creative nonfiction essay on a topic of your choice of no more than five double-spaced, typed pages.

Short Story: Write a short story of no more than five double-spaced, typed pages.

Poem: Write a poem of no more than 50 lines.


  1. Each teacher may nominate up to five pieces of student work.
  2. Each entry must be emailed by the teacher and include a teacher’s statement that the entry is the original work of the student.
  3. Type at the top of the entry:
    Title of entry
    Student’s name, address and grade (9, 10, 11 or 12)
    Teacher’s name
    School name and address
  4. Save your entry as a Microsoft Word file, Google Doc, or pdf
  5. Attach the entry to an email from the teacher to the appropriate address below no later than December 20, 2021: 
    Short Story: [email protected]
    Poem: [email protected]
    Essay: [email protected]

All Finalists will receive a Certificate of Honorable Mention.  All Winners will be considered for publication in Venture, Rider’s literary magazine. Winners will be announced by May 2022. For more details, visit https://www.rider.edu/academics/colleges-schools/college-liberal-arts-sciences/departments/english/high-school-writing-contest.