Mystery Author’s Story (Chapter 7)


Someone wrote this story… can you guess who?

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Chapter 7

“Are we going to get together tonight,” Jason whispered to Paige as the group left the conference room.

“Not tonight, Libby and I have plans.” Both turned to see Libby peering curiously at them. Embarrassed at the attention, Paige picked up her pace in order to catch up with her friend. While Paige was ready to go, Libby straightened her desk putting small items away. She reached in her desk and pulled out a large purse and began rummaging around for something.  Smiling to himself, Jason saw the eyeroll that Paige made behind her friends’ back. She sat on top of her own desk, leaned over to her top drawer and pulled out a set of keys. He knew that Paige hated wasting time and waiting on others. He had never seen her carry a purse and knew that whatever she needed was in either her pockets or at home.

“Would you like company?” he said confidently strolling to Libby’s desk.

“No thanks.” Libby said giggling. “Seeing that the conversation is going to be all about you.”  She grabbed her purse and hoisted it onto her shoulder. Blushing wildly, Paige hopped off of her own desk and caught up to Libby. Glancing backwards, Jason mouthed do you want company? To which she shook her head in a definitive no. He stayed at the curb as the girls walked to the parking lot and walked up to a Jeep. Paige took the wheel and once they were both strapped in, she drove off without a second glance in his direction.

Thursday had always been girls evening out; and Paige had bailed on her friend the previous couple of weeks. Felling a bit guilty, she let Libby decide on the Mom-and-Pop Pizza place that they both liked and decided to pick up the tab tonight. Libby to her credit, allowed her friend to gather her thoughts on the ride over and waited until they were seated with drinks before pouncing.

“What do you want to know?” Paige asked taking the offensive route, before sipping a diet soda. She had never been much of a drinker and for the most part refrained because of her son. Caffeine was her drug of choice.

“I am your best friend. This has festered for almost three weeks, so it is time to spill.” Libby sighed dramatically. They sat in the back-corner booth with Paige facing the door. Though the restaurant was occupied, no one seemed to pay attention to the two ladies.

“Well, do you remember your reaction when Jason walked through the door?” Libby nodded. Paige continued, “Do you remember how you described him? Well, I had the same reaction almost seven years ago when I began working undercover at a garage.” Paige spoke carefully giving away some information however she stayed away from classified details. “He was there already as a mechanic. Aiden was his name.”

“I Figured.” She replied.

“When I walked in on that first day, Jason looked up and our eyes met. When he said hello, I felt an immediate connection. For the first few months we became friends and I shared with him as much as I could in character but stayed true to who I was. He did the same, sharing with me about his family and upbringing. Things changed and we became romantically involved. I felt guilty about it for a while, however being with him felt so natural and neither one of us could stay away from each other. About the time we moved in together, I was already talking to my CO about granting ‘Aiden’ clemency. He was also talking to his boss about granting clemency for me at the same time.” The waitress arrived with pizza and set it down along with plates. As they began to eat, Paige continued.

“When Aiden told me that he loved me, I almost broke and was ready to tell him everything. Apparently, he was as close to coming clean with me, but life intervened. There was a raid at the garage, and I was taken away in handcuffs and shoved in the back seat of a squad car for good measure.” Paige paused more for the dramatics than anything else.  “I can still see the devastation on his face as the car rolled away. I was taken along with the others and placed in a holding cell until I was ‘transferred’ away. At that point I went back to being me and returned to my unit. Jason was pulled from the garage shortly after I was.  Upon returning, I began looking however there was no Aiden Roberts anywhere.

“I didn’t realize that I was pregnant until I had been home for two months. You transferred into the department right after I found out and you and the rest of the crew know the rest of the story. I kept looking for Aiden and never got anywhere. You and my mother tried to set me up with nice guys however a single mother is enough of a challenge, throw in a colored son, and well my prospects dwindled. I still held onto the hope that I would find Aiden.  I was close to finding the truth once or twice, but the leads turned into nothing. That was until three weeks ago when he became Jason and walked back into my life.

“Wow,” Libby exclaimed. “Are you going to tell him about Aiden?”

“Yes. Soon; despite being ordered to keep the information to myself. I am surprised that he never checked my file.”

“You didn’t check his either.” Libby commented.

“Why? It is a huge relief to know that we are actually on the same side. My instincts about him were correct.”

“Soon? That is vague. You are both going back undercover soon.”

“He leaves late tomorrow night.” Paige replied. “I am supposed to go a couple of weeks later.”

“Why haven’t you told him yet?” Libby prodded and Paige pondered for a moment.

“I don’t know.” Libby gave her a look of disgust.

“I don’t buy it.”

“What if he doesn’t like me?”

“Are you Bullshitting me? That is the most ridiculous thing that you have ever said to me. From the moment he noticed that man has not been able to take his eyes off of you. He has made it clear to everyone in the office including Eddy that you are his.” Paige squirmed.

“Eddy is an idiot, but he got the message right away without arguing.”

“I don’t want to be his.” Paige retorted, picking up the last piece of pizza intentionally taking a large bit.

“The picture on your desk says otherwise. Also, the idealized but crazy notion that Aiden’s father would miraculously walk back into your life…. Well he did.

“Now tell me the truth, why haven’t you told him yet?” Paige continued chewing the piece until there was none left.

“I don’t know what he is going to say…. About having a son.  I guess that I am afraid of his reaction. Is that what you want to hear?” Libby’s shocked expression said it all. Fear was not something Paige ever owned up to. “I am afraid that he won’t want to meet Aiden; then what do I tell my son. Hey, honey I ran into your father, but he doesn’t want to meet you.

“Or what if he does want to meet Aiden and take him away from me? Jason is single and going undercover. He does not need to be tied down with me and a son. I do not even know what we are to each other anyway. We are still feeling each other out.” Paige caught the server’s attention and paid the bill. She stood up, ready to leave. Libby followed a few steps behind

“Paige Dylan, for what it’s worth. You have to tell him about Aiden. Let him react.” The ride to Libby’s house was a silent one as Paige pondered what to do next. She knew that her friend was right but was she ready.





Lost in her thoughts, Paige did not go home right away and found herself driving into a newly familiar neighborhood. Quickly, so she would not lose her nerve, Paige got out of the car walked up the pathway and rang the doorbell.

The door was thrust opened, and with no time to react, she found herself pushed against the door, with a familiar body pressed against hers. Lips, mouths, and tongues wrestled desperately as both released the pent-up passion that they held for one another. Pausing quickly to breath, Jason gazed down into her eyes.

“Hi,” she whispered breathlessly. He smiled and kissed her again.

“My God; I missed you,” he said not pulling more than an inch or two away from her mouth. She met his again and they became lost in their embrace. When he began to unbutton her shirt, Paige pulled away.

“I can’t,” she admitted defeatedly. “Not tonight.” He stepped closer but she stood her ground.

“Are you sure?” she grimaced. Paige had fully planned on revealing her secret to Jason however this distraction cleared all thoughts from her mind.

“Yes, believe me I was not planning for this to happen.” Paige looked back up to him and stepped closer kissing him more gently this time with full control of her senses.

“Are you?” He looked down to her pants and blushed.

“Let’s just say that we have to wait 3 or 4 more days and leave it at that.” He pretended to pout.

“I leave tomorrow night.”

“And I join you in a week and a half.” Jason took her hand and they wandered to the couch. He sat down first and pulled her on his lap cupping her face in his hands.

“I have thought about this moment for such a long time,” he said leaning in for a passionate kiss. She readily complied. When they parted again, she leaned against his chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat.

“I almost gave up believing that I would find you.” The tears began flowing from her eyes onto his caressing arms. Her hair became moist with his tears. They sat there holding onto each other for what seemed like a long time before she stirred.

“I have to go home,” Paige said breaking the embrace. “I only came over to get my jacket. He smiled above her.

“Liar.”  He leaned over and kissed her again right on the lips. Paige stood up and pulled him up to stand next to her. He walked to his bedroom and disappeared for a moment in order to retrieve her jacket. He held it open to her and she placed her arms in the sleaves then pulled together buttoning it up. “Are you sure that you can’t stay?” He held her close.

“If I don’t go now, Ill never make it home.” He nuzzled the side of her face taking in the scent.

“Is that a bad thing?” he asked mischievously.

“For now; yes.” They held hands as they strolled to the front door. She looked up at him for one last kiss before opening the door. Before, letting her go, he placed a small metal object into her hand. In it was a key to his house.

“Can you come by tomorrow before I leave?” the question lingered between the two of them as she made it to her car. He watched as she drove away for the second time that night. Reluctantly, he walked into the silent house and collapsed in the armchair sobbing uncontrollably.

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