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A year of class can teach a variety of skills.

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A year of class can teach a variety of skills.

According to the 2020-2021 FSUSD Course Catalog, there are several ways students can earn their Physical Education (PE) credits. While most classes are open to everyone and offered at different schools, there are some that are restricted.

One of those restrictions is for the Alternative PE course, which is designed for students who are recuperating from physical disabilities or who have physical handicaps. Only students who have doctor, parent, school nurse or special education teacher recommendations can take this course, but it is offered at all three high schools.

Juniors and seniors can take Fun and Fit Dance at any of the three main high schools, a dance and exercise class “for the pursuit of individual excellence, lifelong health, and fun times as they learn new and advance forms of dance and exercise. The course allows guest performances.

Only freshman or sophomores can take Core PE, which is required for most students at those grades. The course “covers the framework and standards, health-related physical fitness standards, and the State Mandated Fitness Test executed in the spring,” according to the course catalogue. “Students demonstrate knowledge of and competence in motor skills, movement patterns, and strategies needed to perform a variety of physical activities.” Since this class is a requirement, it is taught at all of the high schools, including Sem Yeto Satellite. All of the schools also offer this course for juniors or seniors who have not completed their required PE credits.

According to the catalog, Fairfield offers Pageantry Dance and Physical Education Team Advanced Sports classes that count as either the second year of PE or the ten of the required Elective credits each semester.

Rodriguez offers courses like Sports for Life, Dance Composition and Performance, and Fit for Life for juniors and seniors. These classes can also serve as Electives, but usually count for the second year of PE.

This spring, if you are a sophomore or a junior, when the counselors are asking what classes you want to take, consider taking a different PE class, or learn more about what the Core Classes offer by visiting the Course Catalog.