A year apart in two different worlds

Sibling Spotlight: Brayan and Ximena Rivera Orrantia


Emily Torres Maravilla

Ximena has ideas for her future.

Dulce Bernal Ortiz, Staff Writer

Brayan and Ximena Rivera Orrantia share the Armijo campus. Brayan was unavailable for comment, but Ximena was able to give us her insight throughout an email interview. She said that nothing about having her brother on campus bothers her at all. She and her brother have gone to the same schools for the past years, but she believes that will change in a not so far away future, when they go to college.

Ximena, who is a senior, and Brayan, a junior, have very different plans for the future and she thinks that it’s most likely they won’t go to the same university. She plans on studying to become a flight attendant, which she sees as a great opportunity to travel the world, to learn about different cultures.


Ximena feels good at Armijo, and has no complaints. She said that she likes to work out, do one or other sport, and do fun things in her free time. She doesn’t play a sport presently, but she is waiting for the softball season to approach.

Her relationship with her brother is good, and she believes that he talks good things about her, because she is a good sister.