20 years of honoring veterans!


Neveah Cykrus

Armijo Superband helps Fairfiled pay tribute to local veterans who served in various wars.

Neveah Cakus, Staff writer

In 2020, there was no Veterans’ Day Parade in Fairfield due to COVID, but this year this celebration returned. It was made even more special with it marking the 20th Anniversary of the parade, and it was filmed live by Channel 26 local news. 

There were not as many vendors as there have been in the past, but T-Mobile was there, handing out cute foam cars, and Starbucks was giving out free coffee and cake pops. 

Several veterans watched the parade and others participated in it. Many said that they appreciated the city of Fairfield for putting on the Veterans’ Day Parade each year. It meant so much to them for so many people coming out to honor and support our veterans. 

This awesome plane made a special appearance on November 11. (Neveah Cakus)

The parade consisted of about 50 entries this year, including the T-37B airplane. It was its first year being in the parade after being modified to be towed.  

The Armed Forces band and the Armijo Superband both did an amazing job and could be heard blocks away as they played. 

It was heartwarming to hear the crowds and families cheering for the many young men and women marching for the ROTC representing their schools.

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