Being related has its perks and drawbacks

Sibling Spotlight: Alejandro and Joselyn Godinez Chavez

“I think that the best thing about having my sister Joselyn on campus with me will be being able to take care of her more,” said Alejandro Godinez Chavez. As a senior, Godinez Chavez takes that responsibility seriously. “We don’t have any classes together but she does have some of the teachers I’ve had in previous years.” He wants the best for his sister and helps her make decisions in her education and her friendships.

That kind of guidance can be challenging at times, as Joselyn senses restrictions to her freedoms. “Sometimes I get a feeling that he gets protective when I make new friends, especially in the new environment of high school,” she said.

The bond between these two siblings is strong, though. “The best thing about having my sibling on campus is being able to overcome school with a person that I could trust,” said Joselyn. “I also find it especially helpful that my sibling is older so he gives me his outlook on school events and different activities.

Even though they are only two years apart, they haven’t been at the same school since they were both attending Dan O Root. “When she was in 5th grade, they converted Dan O Root into an academy so she stayed there, and I was at Crystal,” Alejandro said.

He and his sister both plan to go to college but with different goals in mind. She is interested in pursuing something in the medical field while he is more interested in business.

The journey to meet college goals has not been easy for Alejandro. “I think that COVID affected my experience at Armijo because I lost a year and a half of high school,” he said. “I went from a sophomore to a senior really quickly. I think that it’s easier in person because at home I was slacking and lying in bed all day.”

It had a similar effect on Joselyn. “Covid-19… took away some opportunities that I could have had in my first year of high school and time that I will never get back,” she said. “The best I could do for now is enjoy these three years that I have left.”

The siblings have ways of enjoying both life at home and life at school. Alejandro’s free time is usually spent listening to Mexican music, going on hikes and working out. Alejandro also enjoys playing soccer, for the Solano Surf club team and the Armijo Royals. His sister shares that passion. “I enjoy playing soccer as I play for a Solano Surf Club team and also for the school soccer team,” she said.

Even though the two share a lot, they don’t share their view of each other. “I think that my sister would say not so nice things about me because that’s just how siblings are, they’re mean. But at the end of the day, it’s all love,” said Alejandro.

Joselyn had a different outlook. “I think my sibling will say positive things about me. He would never try to put out a bad image of me or make me look bad,” she said.

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