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At Work – Sayra Alvarez at Best Buy

Sayra wants to do her best at Best Buy.

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Sayra wants to do her best at Best Buy.

LunaBella Peralta, Events editor

Starting your first job can be an exciting and nerve-racking experience as you take on new responsibilities. For first time worker, Sayra Alvarez, the process of getting into a comfortable routine was one that took patience.

Since September 2020, Alvarez has worked as a Best Buy Customer Experience Specialist Adviser where she helps provide customers with a helpful shopping experience. She described the learning process as the most difficult part of her job, as she had to understand all departments of the store. However, over time she got the hang of feeling comfortable and asking questions to her fellow staff members.

Alvarez relates the difficulties she faced as part of her advice as she advises new employees to not be afraid to ask questions and rely on coworkers.

As she’s gained more confidence and background in the store, Alvarez shared that her skills lie in the mobile department where she has been able to reflect her social abilities and form relationships with her customers.

The environment she and her coworkers have created has been rewarding for Alvarez, as well as the sense of independence she gain has gained from her income.

Outside of her job, Alvarez has aspirations of joining the medical field and currently makes her mark on the Armijo Color Guard.

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