Two girls in step with the times

All in a Name – It takes rhythm

The Armijo Signal could not address the topic of Dance this issue without mentioning two students whose names make people think of the art. Kadance Chiolero and Jazzy Evans both have names that evoke thoughts of music and rhythm.

Kadance (Emily Torres Maravilla)

“I got my name when my mom wanted me to have a K name so she named me Kadance instead of Cadence,” said Chiolero. While her name literally has the word dance in it, it also bears a similarity to the word cadence which is defined as to make rhythmical  and nothing says “dance” clearer than rhythm. “My dad likes to say that I have no cadence because I’m clumsy,” she said.

Evans, whose first name is actually Jazzcel, said that she was named after her father. Creative names are part of her family. Her cousin’s name is Ajaya.

Jazzy (Emily Torres Maravilla)

Evans has actually gone to elementary school with someone who shared her first name, but Chiolero hasn’t been as fortunate. “I’ve seen quite a few people with the name Katie or Cadence… but I usually go by Katie anyway so nobody really calls me Kadance,” she said.

Both girls are college bound, although they plan to arrive at different destinations with different goals for the future. “Most likely I’ll go to Solano Community College to get a good understanding on if I want to be a therapist,” said Chiolero. “I don’t know from there.” She wants to be sure of her future before she puts a lot of money into it.

Evans, on the other hand, is already focused on her long-term goals. “After I graduate [from Armijo], I want to go to UC Davis and become a screenwriter and write books,” she said.

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