Expressing yourself in a unique form

In These Classes – Dance in FSUSD


Students can get jiggy or stay in sync, depending on the class.

Students who are interested in dance and movement have a variety of classes that they can take to express themselves and stay fit. At both Armijo and Rodriguez, there is the option of Pageantry Dance, which is open to all students and can be enrolled in after a successful audition. This class fulfills the Arts & Elective requirement.

“This course is designed for students who want to learn the skills required to perform in the pageantry unit of the marching band and Winterguard. While previous dance experience is helpful, it is not a requirement. Equipment to be used includes tall flags, identification shields, rifles, sabers, flags and other auxiliary equipment. Students will travel to competitions during the school year to perform at reviews and competitions. Intermediate dance movements will be taught that cover basic dance, jazz dance, modern dance, and other contemporary styles.” (2020-2021 FSUSD Course Catalog).

A similar course, Physical Education Pageantry Dance, is offered for sophomores, juniors and seniors at Fairfield and meets the Graduation Requirement for the second year of PE.

But for those juniors and seniors who just want to have fun at any of the three high schools, there is the option of taking Fun & Fit Dance. At Armijo, that class is offered sixth period and taught by Ms. Sheena Beeson.

Fun and Fit Dance is designed to apply dance and exercise for the pursuit of individual excellence, lifelong health and fun times! Students will enjoy performances from guest dancers. Students will apply previously learned skills and knowledge to new and more advanced forms of dance and exercise.” (2020-2021 FSUSD Course Catalog)

The 2020-2021 FSUSD Course Catalog also features one more dance-related class, Dance Composition and Performance, but it is limited to students at Rodriguez High School and counts as an Elective, focusing on those who have studied dance in the past.

This course is designed for the 11th and/or 12th grade student with an intermediate to advanced background in dance.  Students will participate in student choreography, and be introduced to the many facets of production.  In addition, all aspects of the main stage production, recitals, and lecture demonstration performance.  Students will be engaging in many different forms of dance such as, folk, traditional, contemporary, social and theatrical.” (2020-2021 FSUSD Course Catalog)

If you can’t sit still, if you like to move and have natural rhythm, you might consider joining one of these classes in the fall and get moving.