Sources of sustenance

Write the World competition

Come to the table with your creative non-fiction.

Write the World

Come to the table with your creative non-fiction.

Competition Opens: Monday, June 6
Submit for Expert Review: Monday, June 13
Final Entries Due: Tuesday, June 21

Attention writers! If you think food writing is all five-star restaurant ratings and waxing poetic about overpriced escargot and the velvet pioppini (that’s a mushroom), read on. Food—and the way we grow, source, prepare, eat, and write about it—is so much more. What we ingest links us to our families, our histories, our culture, our health, our environment, our bodies… and to tradition, ritual, and celebration. As the journalist and cookbook author Ramin Ganeshram puts it, “it’s not really about the food.” Food writing can be an investigation, an exposé, an odyssey, a memoir. This month—whether you write about your grandmother’s sumptuous steamed buns, the carbon cost of food production, or the sugar in school lunches—we hungrily await your entry.

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