Honoring veterans on Veterans’ Day

Veterans’ Day – November 11


Photo by DVIDSHUB on Flickr

From Armistice Day to Veterans’ Day, Americans thank the brave individuals who served the country.

Kayla Xiong Vang, Entertainment Editor

Veterans’ Day is celebrated annually on November 11 to honor those who have served in the United States military. “Not to be confused with Memorial Day, which honors those who died while in service, Veterans’ Day honors all military veterans, including those still with us,” says National Today (https://rb.gy/ffyevl).

Did you know that Veterans’ Day originally wasn’t called Veterans’ Day? National Today explains that “Veterans’ Day, originally celebrated as Armistice Day, was first issued on November 11, 1919, by President Woodrow Wilson a year after the end of World War I.” It wasn’t until 1926 that Congress requested for Armistice Day to become a national holiday. “In 1945, World War II veteran Raymond Weeks had the idea to expand Armistice Day to celebrate all veterans rather than just the ones who died in World War I,” says National Today. Armistice Day was finally changed into Veterans’ Day in 1954.

Almanac (https://rb.gy/gmmwpd) suggests some easy ways to show appreciation for veterans on this special day: 

  1. If you personally know a veteran (perhaps a relative, friend, or even a neighbor), reach out to them on Veterans’ Day. This is one opportunity to engage beyond just saying, “Thank you.” If they are comfortable discussing it, ask a vet where he or she served, where the vet was stationed, what specific jobs were performed during service, and so on.
  2. If you’re not close to a veteran, write a thank you card and drop it off at a VA hospital or mail it directly to Travis Air Force Base’s VA Outpatient Clinic. If you’re not in time for this Veterans’ Day, that’s fine; a thoughtful card is appreciated any time. Or, contact Operation Gratitude, which sends letters of thanks and care packages to veterans as well as deployed vets.
  3. Read the poemIn Flanders Fields by John McCrae and reflect on the poem’s significance to veterans.

Have a great Veterans’ Day, attend the parade in Fairfield this year, and tell us other ways you might celebrate it in the comments section below!