A class with bonus connections

In This Class – English 11 AC


Emily Torres Maravilla

Ms. Watson offers variety with her instruction.

Ms. Susanne Watson, English teacher

Working in English class with Multimedia Academy students, we do assignments that take advantage of skills students are developing in their Academy electives. We do reading and writing, like all the other English 11 classes, and use many of the same texts, but sometimes we get to put a twist on the assessments. For example, we will be looking at a play called The Crucible, but instead of just writing a script, students will also be able to film it and get a grade in their Digital Video Production class.

Students also get to put to use skills with image manipulation to create slideshows that demonstrate mastery in more than one subject. We also look at how the media affects our attitudes and do a unit about pursuing happiness.

Does all this sound interesting to you? Would you like to join the Multimedia Academy in the future? Next semester, when it comes time to pick classes for 2022-2023, speak with your counselor and fill out an application. You can get even more information from Ms. Lori Gonzalez in C-5 or at [email protected].

Check out the Academy website at: https://lorigo7.wixsite.com/multimediaacademy/about-us