Student artist develops talent, friendships


Art comes in many forms and Aldo wants to try his hand at several of them.

Aldo Suarez, Classes Editor

I love making art. My favorite thing in the world is being able to sit down, put on some music, grab paint and paintbrushes and just paint away. Yes, sometimes the paintings take FOREVER but the end product is worth it.

I will admit that my artistic skills weren’t so good at first. Around when I was in sixth or seventh grade, I started getting better, and ever since my art has improved. Instead of just sticking with drawings, I have expanded to paintings, wallets, shoes, phone cases, and more.

I have big goals that I want to accomplish this year and next year, which will be my last year of high school. Some of the goals are to make custom shoes for a famous celebrity, to paint a mural in San Francisco, and to paint a Mural in a school in Fairfield.

One of my favorite pieces was something I did this year, making sunflower Vans for a very close friend, Abigail Fuentes. I made the shoes for her birthday and they took me about two days to complete, after taking five days on the sketch. Being able to surprise her with the shoes on her birthday meant everything to me since I love seeing people smile when they see the art I make.

Along with making art I started taking photos, too. The photo used in this story is actually a photo I took and edited for over two hours. Even though I tend to blank out sometimes, I love being creative and thinking of new ways to adapt and make my art even better.

This year at Armijo I am working on two very big things that I’m proud of. One is a group painting. I got this idea after watching a YouTuber start a series called “The Biggest YouTuber Art Collab Painting” and I thought, “Why don’t I do this, but instead of YouTubers, I get my friends to do this?”

I got four of my friends to help me with the painting: Robert Tanimoto, Sam Milton, Kristin Siosin, and Kristin Siosin. I want to say thank you to them for all your help with this painting. I had this crazy idea and soon I will it complete and hung up at school?! That is expected to happen in mid-November. That’s crazy and honestly I’m proud of them. They all worked hard on it and it made me happy to know that this and another of my paintings are available for Armijo students to see.

Now, as I plan to continue to make more art and surprise more people, I will acknowledge that I am no expert. I am constantly learning and trying to work on new ways methods. I have very big ideas and plans and I can’t wait to put these ideas into actions and see how they turn out. I’m very excited for what the future has in store, and I will continue to paint my future onto an expanding canvas.

If you ever want to talk or check out more of art, check me out on Instagram: @artisticmoves_

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