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Club Focus – Theatre Club


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Crowds flock to theater club for a positive type of drama

Olivia Mauk, Theatre Club Publicist

School is full of drama, but not everyone is part of the Club. The Armijo Theatre Productions Club, that is.

Students meet together each Wednesday in T-2 at lunch, first to discuss club business and then to practice some of their acting skills. 

Club business may include upcoming events, such as Improv Hour, movie nights, and football games. Then, the members play drama games to practice improv or general theatre skills. Some favorites are Dating Game, Podium, and Taxi. 

This club is a place for community, creating, and connecting. If you are interested, visit at one of their regular meetings, or contact Ms. Sheena Beeson, club adviser, at [email protected] or visit her in T-2, which also serves as her classroom.

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