Terror in the skies

Book Review – The Flight Attendant

A story that will make you question your next flight.


A story that will make you question your next flight.

Tommygrrl723 wrote a review for Barnes and Noble about the book The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian. While reviews across the internet vary about the rating of this book, Tommygrrl723’s review takes a middle stance. Have you read it? Would you agree with her perspective? 

Confession: I tried to read this book two times before, but quit because I was reading so many books that had the main female character who drinks in excess way too much and experiences something while intoxicated and is unsure of what to do. (Seriously there are a lot of books with this plot line). So I took some time away from those books, and eventually came back to this book just sitting there on my shelf.

It turns out the third time’s the charm for this novel. Honestly, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t my favorite Chris Bohjalian book, but it certainly wasn’t the worst.

The beginning definitely starts with a heart-pounding bang, with the main character Cassie waking up from being black-out drunk in a hotel in Dubai, next to her one-night-stand to realize that he is dead and she is covered in blood. What should she do? Should she call the police? Who would believe her?

Then the story line stalls until it concludes in about two chapters. (I liken it to a Lifetime movie…You know, when the movie wraps up all of its loose ends in the last five minutes of the movie?) 

Cassie’s decisions tend to go from bad to worse throughout the novel. She knows that she is making a bad decision, but she chooses that route because ‘it’s what she always does’. Still, it kept me reading. 

As I mentioned, the ending/conclusion was quite abrupt, and was, in my opinion, very predictable. Despite this, it was a quick read and fairly enjoyable, so 3/5 stars for this one. Hopefully, this is the start of getting out of my ‘book slump’. (fingers crossed!)

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