Feeding the hordes of zombies

At Work – Six Flags: Maria Berrios


Maria prepares for another shift at work.

When people think about the jobs at Six Flags, they often imagine ride operators or ticket takers, but the park would be pretty stressful without the food service hosts who make sure that food is available for the park guests.

Maria Berrios is one of those valuable employees. She’s spent the last few months working as a Food Service Host at the park. She has a lot of responsibilities in this position. She has worked the cash register, but has also been part of the cooking and food prep. One other area she serves is mobile expeditor. And while Frightfest is going to be a popular time for most park employees, her role hasn’t changed.

She does all of this decked out in her traditional uniform. “I have to wear an apron and a visor that was provided for me, along with the blue shirt and tan pants or shorts they gave me,” she said.

This is Berrios’s first job and she said that she is using the income “To save up for college, a car, and just whatever I wanted in general.” She earns $16 an hour and, during the summer, she worked five days a week, “but since school started, I only work on weekends,” she said.

The best part of the job, according to Berrios, is her coworkers and her bosses. “I do things without being asked to and I help out the leadership when we’re short staffed,” she said. Because she is a good employee, it makes that relationship with the other employees that much more enjoyable.

“I have multiple [bosses] but they’re all very nice and understanding and we get along well,” said Berrios. Her best job advice? “Be honest with your boss.”

It’s not all good, though. Sometimes she has to deal with rude customers, and that’s never fun. As a student in Leadership, however, she has learned to deal with a variety of people and she can generally get through her work day without problems.

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