Trick or treat? I choose trick!


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Time to get spooked! Don’t act too scared though.

Kayla Xiong Vang, Entertainment editor

Halloween is the perfect time to prank your family and friends. With a little bit of horrors and fun, here are some spooky, but harmless pranks to do.

1. Gift Ideas Club ( suggests a trick within a treat. Around this fall season, caramel apples are the go-to snack for people to enjoy. Instead of dipping an apple in caramel, secretly dip an onion in its place! Watch your friends and family showdisgust and try to get rid of the nasty taste on their tongue.

2. This one may involve more expensive requirements, but definitely consider attaching a ghost to a drone for some terrified reactions. With the drone, you can fly the ghost anywhere you want to prank your friends across the street, or your family members entering your home. It’ll make everyone laugh after realizing the “ghost” is a simple white sheet attached to a flying drone.

3. In your front yard, consider adding a bit of glow-up eyes to your bushes to make it appear as if something is hiding inside. Passersby will take a second glance at the sight and jump in fear! To do this, you can cut out eye shapes from a toilet paper roll, and place a glow stick inside the roll to create the illusion of glowing eyes.

4. Many people jump when they hear a loud noise. For this prank, attach a fog horn with duct tape to your wall behind your door. When someone opens the door, it’ll hit the fog horn and make a loud noise. It’s very simple, and doesn’t hurt anyone, unless they have sensitive ears.

5. Finally, prank people with a scary costume! Buy a scary mask at your closest Halloween store, and prepare to scare unsuspecting passersby. Hide in a closet or hallway, or behind a tree and wait for someone to arrive. Jump out with a loud “BOO!” and watch their shocked reactions. They’ll never forget the monster that jumped out at them while trick-or-treating.

Most importantly, remember to stay safe this Halloween and wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times! Having some fun is important, but staying safe is a priority. Enjoy your spooky festivities!

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