Smash Brothers Tourny! (Venue change)

Location changed to AC-2


Only 32 participants can join so make sure to buy a ticket before they are sold out.  The entry fee is $5.

This event is for players only due to covid restrictions!  Location is AC-2 at 3:45 pm and spectators can tune in at @ahsmedia on Twitch!  Outsiders and those who aren’t Armijo students are not allowed in.

Bring your own controller.  Snacks and drinks will be sold during the tournament.  There will be things such as soda, gatorade, water, chips, popcorn, and more! Brackets will be 3 stocks with single eliminations with no items.

Prizes for 1st place will be $60, 2nd place will be $40, and 3rd will get $20.

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