Improv workshop was fun, informative


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Entertainment practice – Take One!

Olivia Mauk, Theatre Club Publicist

On Friday, October 1, students gathered in T-2 for an Improv Workshop hosted by a professional improviser.

The group started by playing get-to-know-you games like the Name Game. They also played Whiskey Mixers and Put it in a Pizza, two other popular Improv games.

Participants were taught about the foundations of an improv scene: relationship, location and what is going on, or, RLW for short. Setting up this foundation was practiced by doing three-line scenes.

After having a clear understanding of RLW, they played a game which challenged them to set up the RLW in the first 30 seconds of a scene. Once they got good at that, they did some two-minute scenes.

For those who missed this workshop, Ms. Sheena Beeson, Theatre Club adviser, is already setting up another one.

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