Reach out to your friends in support

Support each other because we all belong to the human race.


Support each other because we all belong to the human race.

As more people have the confidence to come out to the public, sharing their unconventional sexuality, many wonder how they can support these individuals and encourage them to be true to themselves.

One of the best ways to express understanding and acceptance is by listening to all people as they vocalize this element of their character.

As one survey respondent said in the Human Rights Campaign, “Adults can help by being understanding…”

Not many people are educated about all the LGBTQ+ terms, but it is always beneficial to stay informed. If you don’t know the difference between sex and gender or other terms, you can start by reading Youth Engaged 4 Change blog which talks about the basic terms, or visit the article in The Armijo Signal: Comprehensive Guide to LGBTQ+ Terms.

For those who want to be even more supportive, the best way is by speaking up! Some people don’t want the situation to get awkward, or for it to become awkward, but words can hurt sometimes, and silence can add to that hurt. When allies speak up, it helps educate others. The simple act of defending or supporting someone can help change how others respond in the future!

Remember, anybody can be an ally, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Students can further support their friends and classmates by joining an LGBTQ group, like GSA  (Gay Straight Alliance). People can be proud of their own sexuality while supporting members of the LGBTQ community. As allies, the community is made up of all people, and everyone can support each other.