Make an impact, win money

Deadline – November 3


Your artistic talent can impact the life of a teen driver and make a difference in the future.

As a teen, how do you talk to your friends, parents, and even your siblings about the real dangers of reckless and distracted driving?

That is the very question Impact Teen Drivers began asking in 2007 while educating young drivers and passengers in schools about poor decision making behind the wheel. Teens across the United States all said the same thing, “let US do the messaging.” Impact Teen Drivers created the Create Real Impact Contest to ask young people, ages 14-22, to show how they would talk about the number one killer of teens in America.

Young people enter to win cash and prizes by showcasing graphic design, music, video and creative writing to address reckless and distracted driving and solve the problem. It’s that simple. This unique opportunity allows for a safe and expressive platform to speak out and create real impact. Over the past two years, we have received entries representing all 50 states and Washington, D.C. We receive over 100,000 votes cast through a network of friends, loved ones, and young drivers and passengers raising awareness to stop distracted and reckless driving behaviors.


  1. Read all of the rulesDo it.For real. It’ll save both you and us time.
  2. Create an original work showcasing your idea for a SOLUTION or STRATEGY to fix the very real problem of reckless and distracted driving. While you’re making your awesome entry, don’t use the word “accident.” Use “crashes” or “collisions” because it’s not an accident to choose to drive distracted. Although it is not required to use statistics in your entry, we have included correct and current data surrounding teen fatalities and crashes below. Please feel free to utilize this data in your submission if you would like.
  3. Make sure it meets ALL requirements for your category. Requirements are listed in the rules. Of course, you will have already read those once before reaching this step. Go double check anyway.
  4. Create an account and login to the Create Real Impact website (
  5. When your entry is proofread, double-checked, and all ready to go, click “Submit Entry” on the front page. You’ll be taken to the entry form. Select your entry type and upload your entry.
  6. Complete the entry form and click “Submit” to finish your admission into the Create Real Impact Contest!
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