History class sees different angle

In this class – Race & Social Justice

Elijah Shackleford, Clubs Editor

Mr. Tkach’s race to teach modern history

“Race and Social Justice is the underlying belief that all humans have equal value, and the recognition that we don’t treat all humans as such.””

— Mr. Andrew Tkach

This year, Mr. Tkach is offering a new type of history, in a course written solely by himself and Ms. Kaitlin Nittler. Race and Social Justice is designed to bring a different way to look at history. Due to the pandemic, despite this subject being taught for three years this is the first full year of this class Mr. Tkach will teach

But how is Race and Social Justice different from any other class? Mr. Tkach likes to describe it in two ways: structural and fundamental. 

Structurally, this class is different from most. As there is no restriction on who’s allowed to join, many classes are a mix of grade levels and programs. Students seem to like this aspect, saying that they often get to experience interactions they normally would never see in this school. 

The second way is in the curriculum itself. Instead of focusing on the big pictures, Race and Social Justice tells the lesser known stories from ages, focusing on different perspectives of such monumental events as World War II and the American Revolution. 

Race and Social Justice has the same amount of credits as other history classes, but includes an assortment of intriguing activities and the positive interactions with students of all grade levels. Mr. Tkach encourages all students to sign up.

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