Take a “Luca” at Disney Pixar’s latest

DVD review – Luca


Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Do you enjoy watching Disney Pixar movies? Luca is definitely the one for you!

LunaBella Peralta, Entertainment editor

Disney Pixar’s 2021 film Luca has taken both land and sea by storm. 

The imaginative storytellers of Pixar released yet again an instant classic as fans rave over Luca’s stunning Italian setting, amazingly charming characters, and it’s message of equality. 

The story takes place in the Italian seaside town of Portorosso where best friends and sea creatures, Luca Paguro and Alberto Scorfano, go beyond the sea to try to win an Italian Vespa to follow their dream of traveling the world. The film quickly becomes a coming of age story as the two boys are faced with troubles concerning family, friends, and their secret identities. The movie is filled with hilarious moments as it features plenty of Italian puns, although the story surprises with a couple of tear jerking moments. 

The newly released film has caught the attention of many as it preaches a message of equality and being proud of who you are. Audiences have asked if the movie has any correlation with the LGBTQ community but Director, Enrico Casarosa, stated that the movie is focused on friendship(“Luca” Director Says Film is About a “Pre-Romance” Time in Boys’ Lives). Despite this, many viewers still relate the film to themselves one way or another as the message is universal. 

Luca is available on DisneyPlus with a subscription and is worth the watch for sure! It’s a family friendly movie that is sure to leave you laughing, amazed, and maybe even a bit emotional. By the end of the film you’ll be screaming, “Silenzio bruno!” lunabell

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