Her name stands out around the world

All in a Name – Galilee


Emily Torres Maravilla

Galilee’s name suits her gentle spirit.

While Galilee Enriquez Oliva has an unusual first name, she isn’t the only person in her family who rocks a cool name. She has a couple of cousins, Camila and Gael, who also have names that stand out.

If the name sounds familiar and you haven’t met Enriquez Oliva, you might recognize it as the name of the Biblical Sea of Galilee, a name chosen by her parents when she was born. It is defined as “a chapel or porch at the entrance to some English churches.” (Oxford Languages Dictionary) While she has never met another person with her name face-to-face, she has found people on Instagram who share her name.

“Every time someone says my name, they either say it wrong or spell it wrong,” she said, “but after all that, they say how they like my name and how they’ve never heard it before.”

Enriquez Oliva is part of an extended Armijo family, with her older brother Angel graduating from the school in 2020 and her uncle graduating several years earlier.

Her brother’s experience as a senior during COVID was definitely different from hers as a junior. “I didn’t mind being at home a lot actually,” she said. “It gave me a lot of time to work and make money, and I had a lot of self-time, which I loved.”

Being on campus though, is better for her as she has been a cheerleader at Armijo since her freshman year. “I started [cheering] when I was about six years old and then stopped, then started back up when I got to high school.”

Enriquez Oliva is also a part of the Leadership program, which will help strengthen her college applications. She hopes to either attend San Francisco State or The University of Oregon, although she’s not sure what she will major in.

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