Sweet treats all day long

Restaurant Review – Double Rainbow

Treat your sweet tooth to a variety of flavors.


Treat your sweet tooth to a variety of flavors.

This place opened during the Pandemic and it only brought the community closer together,” said Danielle B, when she reviewed Double Rainbow in Benicia on Restaurantji.com.

“When you venture onto First Street in Benicia, you are immediately drawn into the cutest old-town with shops and a beautiful view of the bay. After eating a meal at one of Benicia’s many different restaurants before ordering dessert, you should put the menu down, pay your bill, and head over to Double Rainbow.

“Among its many delicious ice cream flavors there are many other options that will delight your taste buds. If you choose to go to breakfast or brunch, I highly recommend getting to Double Rainbow early and enjoying the amazing mini doughnuts.”

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