Playing soccer to infinity and beyond


Emily Torres Maravilla

Diego is both an athlete and a scholar when the need arises.

When Diego Meza Plascencia started at Armijo as a freshman, he had no idea what a wild ride it would be. COVID may have had an impact on his sophomore and junior year, but he is not letting it hold him back as a senior. 

“It’s making senior year more difficult, but I can still do good,” he said. And to make this year even more memorable, he is considering trying out for the soccer team.

Soccer is his favorite sport, both to play and watch. It is something he can stay involved with during college and beyond. When he finishes college, he hopes to be able to work as an architect, but that doesn’t mean he’d have to leave soccer behind.

At home, Meza is the oldest of four, with two younger sisters – Melissa (16) and Isabella (15) and a younger brother, Freddy (13). His sisters are already students at Armijo, but if he were to give advice to his little brother or some other students coming to Armijo for the first time, he would tell them “to try your best and you will get through the four years.”

While his four years have been a roller coaster ride, he has developed some memories with his friends. “My favorite memory will be lunchtime, having to be with my friends,” he said. And after all, isn’t that a treasure that can be further developed throughout the year? 

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