A hard day’s work at the polls

Olivia  shows theres more than one way to be a good citizen!

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Olivia shows there’s more than one way to be a good citizen!

When the California Gubernatorial Recall Election took place on Tuesday, September 14, Olivia James-Singh was ready.
“Practicing good citizenship is important to me, so I signed up to be an eRoster clerk for this election,” she said. “During the last presidential election I was a ballot clerk, I handed people their ballots, directed them to a poll booth and helped them insert their ballot into the ballot box.”
James-Singh’s role was a little different this year, and so was the type of election. “This election I helped check people in and directed them to where to get their correct ballot. Voters would hand a card with their correct ballot. Voters would hand me a card with their full name and address which they filled out with greeters outside. Based on the information that popped up when I entered their name into the eRoster system, I would send them to the ballot clerks or provisional clerks. I even got the opportunity to register four people to vote.”
With James-Singh’s help, at least 127 voters were able to cast their ballots safely and effectively. “And I got to meet some amazing community members who were my fellow poll workers,” James-Singh said. “I definitely bonded with the other poll workers because we were together from 6 am to 9 pm. Working an election is definitely a lot of work and a really long day, but it’s so worth it.”

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