Event site becomes beach boardwalk


Ms. Zarena Brown

These students are enjoying the Friday festivities. (Can you help us identify them?)

Elijah Shackleford, Clubs Editor

The Frosh/Soph Picnic on Friday, September 10, was a great refresher for new students this year

The event was hosted by Armijo Leadership and designed to be a social event for the freshmen and sophomores, most of whom were new to the Armijo campus this fall. The picnic offered free games, free prizes, and the main attraction, free food.

The event itself was designed to resemble a boardwalk, capturing the sense of summer some may have already forgotten. The field was decorated with cardboard cutouts and backdrops resembling a day on the beach. Along with that many carnival-based games were present, including a full ring toss donated by a Leadership student.

The free food included pizza, soda, chips, and churros, but it was so popular that the hosts eventually ran completely out. Thanks to the quick thinking and generous donations of both Leadership and outside donors, however, they were able to quickly resupply.

As Leadership regrows their program after a challenging year and a half, more activities will be scheduled to create a welcoming environment to all classes.

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