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In this class – US History


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US History was shaped by these four presidents.

In order to graduate from high school, everyone is expected to take some sort of U.S. History class. Most students will take it in their junior year where they will learn about the origins of our country and follow the timeline through to the turn of the century. Then, they will focus on an in-depth study of the United States from the Progressive Era to the current controversies in American society,” according to the 2020-2021 Fairfield-Unified School District’s Course Catalog.

“This course requires research projects and essays. Note taking, critical thinking, literature, and homework are emphasized,” the catalog explains.

While most students will take this course in their junior year, Armijo students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program generally take it as sophomores.

Academy students also take this course as juniors, but use computer information systems (CIS) as a research tool. “Students examine the major turning points of American history in the twentieth century. An emphasis is placed on essay writing and a formal research paper is required,” according to the catalog. While they are focused on this course, they are also expected to be enrolled in American Literature CP: CIS, as well as the Business Department’s Computer Information Systems II course, providing them “with the optimum possible exposure to and use of our computer labs.”

At Fairfield and Rodriguez High Schools, an Advanced Placement version of this course is also available.

Some students choose to take a year of Race & Social Justice as an alternative to U.S. History. All of these courses meet the A or G requirement for attending a CSU or UC.