Fashion is a calling

College focus – FIDM


If fashion is your passion, then FIDM is the place for you!

The college, formerly known as The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, is attempting to maintain an in-person educational experience that they call “transformative…. Our students and graduates are discovering their potential and developing innovative ways to make their mark on the world. Experience for yourself how our unique learning environment can help you build a career identity and a lifetime of creativity. (

The private school offers training in two separate locations, both in Southern California. (Google lists the San Francisco location as “permanently closed,” a San Diego campus has not had updates to their website in over a year.) The Los Angeles location and the Irvine locations are each in the heart of their respective city.

According to their website, “More than 40 percent of our student body is from out of state or out of the country, so students network and collaborate with peers from all over the world, creating an energy like no other. United by their passion, ambition, and drive, students share a common goal—to be the best at what they love to do.”

As if the experience of working with others from around the globe is not enough, there are also opportunities to study in “Paris, Rome, Milan, Florence, New York, and Asia,” so attending FIDM can truly be an international adventure “which brings together those with common interests and career goals.”

Check out the website for information about student life, financial aid, majors and so much more and start to create your dreams today.

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