Time to grow!

Club Focus: Garden Club – Garden Day September 10


Isabella Asher, People Editor

First official garden workday is September 10 from 3 – 4 pm. Bring lots of water, a hat, gloves and sunscreen… it will get hot, but we will take breaks. and follow all CDC guidelines! ”

— Ms. Sylvia Hernandez

Come by F-5 if you’re interested in botany because Armijo has a beautiful garden near E-Hall and anyone can be involved in the upkeep and tending of the plants.

Three years ago, Ms. Sylvia Herrera decided to create the Armijo Garden. She got help on the project from other teachers, including Ms. Michelle Bolden, Ms. Vanessa Walling-Sisi, and Ms. Nicole Moulton.

Ms. Herrera has long had a passion for gardening and started with her father at a young age. She has picked it back up since working here at Armijo, but it was only after being turned down multiple times that she was able to start the on-campus project. Now, the school garden is flourishing and students and staff can join in to support it. Every Thursday at lunch in F-5, people can sign in to Lettuce Grow, the school’s garden club, and please come and enjoy!

But joining this club comes with responsibilities beyond attending meetings, because the garden needs a lot of care and attention. There are opportunities for everyone and no application process to be accepted. Attend Lettuce Grow for more information.

“The benefit is that you meet students who care for the environment, want to learn about how to grow fresh veggies, and maybe start their own gardens,” said adviser Ms. Herrera. “Plus, you provide a safe, relaxing, stress-free environment for all the students to enjoy.” In other words, this is one club that helps the members destress while they learn how to plant and grow your own vegetables! And it also helps provide additional beauty to the Armijo campus.

Donations are always accepted, and not just monetary ones. The community, whether on campus or outside, are encouraged to donate things like small flowers, seeds, bags of soil and more!

Things grown in the garden is offered to students or donated to the Armijo Parent resources as well as Armijo families in need since the garden is for everyone.

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