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College Focus: Cal Poly SLO


Cal Poly SLO

The Masters Program prepares students for the future in fire services.

Jared Christian Ramil, Senior News Editor

The California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO) is one of two polytechnics in the CSU system. It offers more than 60 bachelor degrees, with one of them being Forest and Fires Services.

With this major, students participate in outdoor activities and study ecosystem management, environment protections, ecology, and forest practices. They are taught by foresters, natural resources managers, agricultural scientists, and geologists. Ecology studies take place in labs and field trips, while teaching various topics such as forest health assessments, management of ecosystem services, and imitation of natural disturbances.

Additionally, within this major, the university offers concentrations such as Watershed Management, Wildlife Biology, and Wildland Fire and Fuels Management. Minors include Geographic Systems, Indigenous Studies in Natural Resources and the Environment, and Land Rehabilitation. Upon graduation, students will receive a forester designation by the U.S. Office of Personnel.

Studying under this program at Cal Poly SLO can be a rewarding experience for those who want to be part of the fire-fighting crews that have been battling the wildfires of late, learning the causes, methods of preventions and strategies to battle the fires. It is a great career with a lot of excitement, one that can help keep California, or other parts of the world, safe from fire.

The school offers both a Bachelors degree and a Master’s degree. To find out more about this and other options related to Fire Service, visit https://nres.calpoly.edu/fnr.

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