A class for ecological awareness

In this class: Environmental Science


Photo by ZHANG FENGSHENG on Unsplash

What you learn in this class can help you save the world.

According to the FSUSD Course Catalog, Environmental Science is a course that “integrates biological and physical sciences to investigate natural communities and current environmental issues.”

The catalog goes on to explain that Environmental Science’s goal is to provide students with “an understanding of the earth’s natural systems and the causes of our current environmental problems.”

Within the class, students learn about ecological concepts and resource issues. Students learn about “biomes, food webs, natural cycles, species interactions, pollution, environmental quality, and conservation.”

The course is only available to juniors and seniors. It is considered a Lab Science and an Elective that is offered not only at Armijo (in room D-4), but also at Fairfield High School and Sem Yeto. At Armijo, the teacher is Mr. Joash Hicks.

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