Staying safe in the sun


Photo by Joël Vogt on Unsplash

The views at Baker Beach are amazing.

Kayla Xiong Vang, Entertainment editor

As the summer is coming to a close, why not spend your last few summer moments at a day trip to the beach? Relaxing in the sun with your friends and family and making memories sounds like the perfect thing to do before autumn arrives.

When going to the beach, there are many things to look out for to ensure your safety. Healthline ( suggests to:

  • Look for flags set up on the beach
  • Know where lifeguard stations are
  • Look for signs and postings near the entrance or lifeguard tower
  • Talk with lifeguards for tips and information about the beach and water conditions

In the summer heat, make sure to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun! EHE Health ( informs us that sunscreen “protects your skin from [harmful] UV rays”, “lowers your skin cancer risk”, “prevents premature aging of the skin”, and provides more healthful benefits for yourself.

California Beaches ( provides us with some great beaches to go to in the Bay Area:

  • Baker Beach has an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it isn’t safe for swimming so make sure to go for the scenic views instead! You can also run your dog along the beach or go fishing there.
  • Rodeo Beach has small colored pebbles that give the beach a unique look, and you can walk towards the south end of the beach to see majestic rocks.
  • Fort Funston Beach allows your furry friends to join you on a trip to the beach, but it gets very windy.

Wherever you choose to go, make sure you’re staying safe and especially, having fun.

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