Exploring local Nature Walks


Photo by kyle magowan on Unsplash

There are many places around the area to take nature walks. Keep reading to find out!

Valeria Perez, Staff writer

Nature walks have been proven to have benefits for your mental health. They can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and in the last year and a half, that is a valuable asset.

The greenery and sounds of nature can restore a person’scognitive thinking, and it isn’t hard to find a place to enjoy these benefits. Rockville Park is one of handfuls of walking trails in Solano County. In spite of the drought, it has some greenery and includes many trails, which even permit dogs, which can also reduce stress.

In addition to the trails, Rockville Park it has many spots with a view overlooking the city of Suisun or a peaceful plain with many trees and mountains farther back. Rockville has more shade because of all the trees that overspread the area.

The best time to go would be around 5 pm, when it starts cooling down. Rockville also has a trail leading up to a large pond, even though it has recently become a victim of the drought.

Another local nature trail park is Peña Adobe/Lagoon Valley, which also allows dogs and has a dog park to let them run free. It has a lagoon trail circling around it, but the lagoon has greatly dried out.  

The weather here can be very hot since there are fewer trees in the area, so if you plan to hike here, dress appropriately. If you go when the sun is out and bright, it can get very hot. One of the main trails goes upward on the hills and this trail is certainly aworkout since it is rather steep, but it can also be very rewarding..

A third local nature trail area is Rush Ranch Open Space, which is open from 8 am to 7 pm. It is very open and there isn’t a lot of shade, but it is great for long walks and hosts many events throughout the year. You can find more about those events at https://solanolandtrust.org/events.

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