Jose finds a better fit at Old Navy

At Work – Jose Camacho, sales


Shopping in the mall can be so rewarding when you work at one of the stores.

Many businesses are currently understaffed, but Jose Camacho is doing his part to keep Old Navy in the Solano Town Center running.

Camacho was hired by a manager at the store and works as a sales associate. He is still pretty new to the position but enjoys working there. “It’s a good job since you get to work with people and interact with the customers,” he said.

While there is no specific uniform, Old Navy guidelines are strict about what their sales associates wear, but despite that, this job is a welcome change from the position he held for two months at Burger King.  He left that job because “it was too much and they wouldn’t put me on the schedule,” Camacho said. “Working at retail is easier than working at a fast-food restaurant.”

“The thing that I like about [working at Old Navy] is that I get to have experience with people and it helps with my social skills,” he said. “They taught me how they want things to be and I am really good at following their directions… they want things to be good so that people can keep shopping there.”

Camacho said that the bosses are really nice. “They are there to help when you need it and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help,” he said.

With work up to five hours a day on weekdays and longer on weekends, earning $14 an hour, Camacho can make some good money if he is scheduled enough hours, but he has other commitments, too.” When I’m not at work, I help my mom around the house, then I do my homework, or sometimes it’s the other way around,” he said. The money he earns can help make the expenses of his senior year less stressful and that’s definitely worthwhile.

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