Many meanings for one name

All in a Name – Sage


Image by Annette Meyer from Pixabay

Like her natural namesake, Sage is beautiful.

The word Sage can have multiple meanings – either a wise person or an aromatic culinary herb, but for freshman Sage Barrick, it is first and foremost her name.

“Funny enough, I actually don’t like my name,” said Barrick. “If I could [change it], I’d probably name myself something stupid, like Bob.”

Despite her lack of interest in her own, Barrick’s family has some other unusual names. Her sister, who is a senior, is Tranquility, and her mother’s first name is Sierradawn, “so I think that’s pretty cool,” said Barrick. Sage, her own name, was her mother’s last choice.

“I have met someone outside of school that has the same name as me,” she said. Barrick was referring to a therapist who “helped me a lot with my issues.” Despite the unusual name, people rarely say anything about it beyond something like, “Wow you have such a pretty name,” said Barrick.

As a freshman, Barrick is experiencing Armijo for the first time, but with the required face masks, it still isn’t a typical year, and neither were her years in middle school. “COVID hasn’t really impacted me much school-wise, other then I struggled a bit at times,” she said. “My only problem was I lost friends because of the distance.”

She’s not going to let those challenges get in the way of her positive experiences at Armijo, however. “I plan to do tennis or water polo this year. I’ve never been a very active person so it will be a nice change of pace,” said Barrick.

Her experience so far has given her a desire to pursue a career in psychology. She is interested in being a therapist to help other people, although she hasn’t yet decided where she wants to study.

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