March strong into the school year


Ms. Heather Rae Sanderson, PAL Coordinator

Enlist in the Fairfield PAL G.P.A. Bootcamp program and take control of your G.P.A. and career planning.

Research shows that if students can succeed through the 10th grade, the high school graduation rates grow exponentially. The After School Allstars’ We Are Ready (WAR) prepares students and helps answer the question of “Why does high school matter to me?” Through WAR, we offer #academicsupport, high school / college / trade school readiness, and #collegeexploration opportunities, helping students make connections between academic and professional success.

The W.A.R. initiative prepares and supports students for success in High School, while helping them draw clear connections between academic and professional success. W.A.R. also engages youth in college and career exploration opportunities that illustrate the necessity of High School / College / Trade School diplomas as well as other skill building and trade programs. Open to all PAL members ages 13-18 who are enrolled in school.

Learn special tips and techniques to help you raise your grades and master homework. These seminars reveal the importance of simple tactics such as where you sit in class and the12 definitions that help you score better on any test you take. Other topics include: syllabus planning, time management, note taking, reading secrets, and effective ways to master math.

A FREE PAL membership and advanced sign ups required to participate (space is limited). Fairfield PAL is open to Fairfield, Suisun, and Travis students ages 13-18 who are enrolled in school. Get yours at the Fairfield Community Center (1000 Kentucky Street) Mon-Friday between 8:30am-5pm.

☎Call 422 6288 for more information.
😷 Masks and 🚨advanced sign ups required.