Benefits from home, then and now

Far from home – Mexico



Oswaldo is a young man at home in two countries.

Susana Munguia, Sports editor

From Guadalajara to the U.S., Oswaldo Velez has been introduced to a new economy.

Velez is starting his junior year at Armijo High School, but his heart is in his city, Guadalajara Jalisco, Tlaquepaque.

Velez was 14 years old when he moved to the U.S. and struggled a little with going to school but he made the best out of it. “Economically, living [in Mexico] was hard, more or less, but thank God and my mother I never lack to eat,” he said. His preference would be living in Mexico because there is better food and living. In the U.S. it’s hard to work and live and it’s too secure, according to Velez.

While he has his preference for home, he is also enjoying his time in California. He believes that the food here is good as well. He likes pizza, Chinese food and hamburgers here.

He suggested that people visit Mexico because “como Mexico, no ay dos,” which means “like Mexico, there is no other.” Going to school there, Velez said, was nice. He learned a lot of things, but different from what he learns here. He still travels there a lot, and loves his city, but he mostly loves seeing his mom in Mexico.

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