You don’t need reasons, you’ve got a day

National Just Because Day – August 27


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Don’t ask questions. Just do it because you can.

Ayleth Monserrath Murillo Andrade, Staff writer

What is “National Just Because Day”? The meaning is in its name. It’s the day where we do things just because, and you can start celebrating it on August 27.

On this day out of the rest of the 364 days we are to do fun, crazy (maybe not so crazy), spontaneous, things that we normally wouldn’t do. It is the perfect day to go out of your comfort zone, buy a new outfit without trying it on, sign up for a club on campus, or gift someone with a generous bouquet of flowers, just because. This could be a great opportunity to start a new hobby or set a goal, just because.

Before it grew into an annual celebration across the U.S, National Just Because Day was originally a family holiday and was created by  Joseph J. Goodwin (Holiday Insights).  Since National Just Because Day falls on a Friday, it could be just the time to have a great weekend for no particular reason, just because.