A tattoo is a lasting statement

National Tattoo Day- July 17


Image by hoahoa111 from Pixabay

Something simple or something elaborate, tattoos are to be celebrated on July 17.

Jasmin Aguilar, Staff writer

Tattoos can last forever, so that’s why you should choose the art you want carefully, but you can celebrate that art on National Tattoo Day on July 17.

You can get a tattoo of anything you want, although most people wait until they are at least 18, due to state laws (Wikipedia.org). People can get something small in some inconspicuous place, something larger to share with the world, a symbol that represents a belief or an interest or a combination of elements to cover an entire arm, or leg, or back. People can get a tattoo because of its meaning or just for fun. One of the prettiest tattoos in my opinion is either a flower or words in English font.

While tattoos are meant to be permanent, there is a way to remove the design, using lasers. This process takes time to heal and does not return the skin to its natural condition. Keep that in mind if you are choosing to celebrate National Tattoo Day this year by getting yourself a potentially permanent design on your skin.

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