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National Personal Chefs Day – July 16


Image by GraphicMama-team from Pixabay

Food is something everyone can enjoy and personal chefs are awesome.

Dayanara Alvarenga, Staff writer

On July 16, celebrate National Personal Chefs Day. This is a day that recognizes the dedication and hard work of the personal chefs across the United States.

There’s a difference between a private chef and personal chef. A private chef works for one client and typically lives in a person’s home or on the property. A personal chef has many clients and they run their own business or work for a company, according to

Being a personal chef is a competitive business. While experience and training are necessary, not all personal chefs attended a culinary program. Some have developed their skill from years of experience.

The days can be long for personal chefs depending on how many clients they have. Their duties including shopping, preparation and clean up they need to get done, but a dedicated chef with several clients will also spend long hours on their feet (

While you don’t likely have a personal chef, you might be considering it as a career. If you want to know more about their role in society, feel free to check out the United States Personal Chef Association website at

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