JV Boys’ Basketball wrap-up inspires


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

A season of growth for the JV Boys’ team.

Coach DJ Bowen, Boys' JV Basketball Coach

It was a season of growth for several players, but as a team we didn’t find success, ending at 0-7. We had a COVID-shortened year that cut a few games out, greatly affected conditioning, and condensed the schedule to where we had seven games in three weeks, with little gym time for practicing.

Kaiba Washington continued his standout season from the football field onto the court where he played nearly every single minute across the seven games, leading the team in scoring and rebounding. The sophomore is one of the best athletes at Armijo and will surely be a joy to behold over the next two years.

Another steady hand in the line-up was sophomore Josh Rusit. He put in hours over quarantine learning the offense and became a leader on the court, scoring from inside, outside, and creating for his teammates. In a key two-minute stretch in the final game vs. Fairfield, he scored on three straight possessions with a 3-pointer, a drive that led to free throws, and a jump stop in the lane that caused his defender to fly by. It was an amazing level of growth from his freshman season.

Chateau Harrell provided elite perimeter defense and knock-down shooting, hitting six 3’s in a close loss to Will C. Wood. He had to miss a few games due to family obligations, and we needed him in those few games to get over the hump.

Keshaun Williams and Ziair McElvaine provided junior leadership, a football fitness-level, and an attacking mentality. They also had to miss games for family reasons, but they will surely make an impact next year as seniors on varsity with their athletic skill sets.

King Yubari Holmes and Barunpreet Singh played on their first organized basketball teams, but contributed efforts on both ends of the court.

If you see any of the players, feel free to give them a virtual high-five for their efforts in this tough season. Take care everybody and enjoy these last two weeks.

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