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Noteworthy staff- Ms. Sheila Smith

A principal with a full heart in front of a nearly empty school (May 2020).

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A principal with a full heart in front of a nearly empty school (May 2020).

LunaBella Peralta, Events editor

After four years as the Armijo High School principal, Ms. Sheila Smith is saying goodbye to her position, students, and fellow colleagues and introducing a new chapter in her life.  Her friendliness, determination, and support on campus will be missed.

Out of all the years of Ms. Smith’s educational career, her experience at Armijo High School was her first principal position. She initially started as an English teacher and instructional coach at Vallejo High School (Armijo’s First Female Principal). Then she moved to Davis High School for an assistant principal position, the same position she held when she first came to Armijo in 2013. In 2017, she started her first year as principal and she is now completing eight years of dedication and memories built in the Armijo campus.

Ms. Smith has expressed her love for the diversity and inclusion at Armijo as she explained her school experience was quite the opposite as she went to school in rural Missouri (Armijo’s First Female Principal). This appreciation for each unique student has made her committed to supporting students any way she can. When interviewed by the Armijo Signal in 2017, she said that she wanted to “make Armijo a place where students and staff are excited to be”.

In her years as principal, Ms. Smith has created a more comfortable atmosphere in Armijo with events like The Week of Welcome, Coffee with the Principal, and more. She made it her mission to hear the voice of all students and staff to address concerns and more to an agreed conclusion. She stated back in 2017, “We are reaching out and making ourselves available to hear people out and make every person feel like they have a voice”.

From all the students and staff here at Armijo, we thank Ms. Sheila Smith for her years of work in making Armijo a better place for all.

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