Life at the mall provides a paycheck

At work – Taya Gray-Stokes at Zumiez

The job is hard, but in the end it pays well.

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The job is hard, but in the end it pays well.

Brianna Lowe, Staff writer

Zumiez provides its customers “with cutting edge clothing, footwear, accessories, hard goods for skate and snow for active lifestyles” (

Taya Gray-Stokes said that she enjoys working there because “the fun environment attracted me to this job as a sales associate.”

A typical day for Gray-Stokes is spent greeting the customers and assisting them in finding items. “Some popular brands we sell in store are Santa Cruz, Cookies, Thrasher, Crooked and Hypeland,” she said.

Zumiez is generally is on the more expensive side of skaters/clothing shops, but they do have a $70- $150 price range for a completed stake board. While working with customers takes up most of her time, Gray-Stokes said that her favorite part of the job is “after hours, cleaning the store and stocking.” She also said to anybody wanting to work at Zumiez, “it is a lot harder than it looks “

Those who are interested in a job at the shop can apply at, but it would be worthwhile to know that Zumiez employees start at minimum wage but also make a commission from their sales. Employees can also receive a 25% employee discount. Full-time employees also get lots of benefits such as Medical, dental, vision, stock purchase program, 401k, paid parental leave, life insurance, flex spending, and paid time off

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