A classy end for the 2021 graduates

Senior spotlight – Kevin Zuniga

Four years of fun and memories.

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Four years of fun and memories.

While Kevin Zuniga has been going to Armijo since the beginning of his high school experience, he will be the final senior to walk across the stage for the 2021 graduation ceremony.

Alphabetically, Zuniga is at the end of his class, but he hasn’t let that make him the last in his involvement. He has kept very busy. “I have been going to Armijo for almost four years,” he said. “I have been involved in Honors classes, multimedia, and Leadership events.”

Still, it wasn’t the senior year he was expecting. “COVID ruined most plans… this senior year,” he said. “I wanted to get all good grades and participate more in events, but it wasn’t possible.” While he didn’t get to be involved in sports the way he had hoped, he did get an award for recording soccer games.

“My favorite moments from Armijo are the after-school Leadership events and sports. They were in interesting to watch and experience, so I recommend anyone to come after school and enjoy these events.” As the COVID restrictions are letting up, and in the upcoming years, students will have more of these events to consider and Zuniga hopes that they will not be taken for granted.

He’s not letting COVID interfere with his goals for the future. “I wasn’t planning to go to college right away,” said Zuniga. “I’m planning on going into the military and study some law while I’m in the military. When I finish school and military, hopefully I can enter the Police Academy.”

Goals are important to him, and he would encourage others to follow theirs in high school. “Focus on your future since you have only four years to impact the outcome,” he said.

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