The infamous losing baseball team


Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

While the feeling of losing isn’t admired, teams still try their best.

Lula Etienne, Staff writer

Baseball is considered to be one of the most American sports, next to American football. It’s a very popular sport, and most high schools have a Junior Varsity (JV) and varsity team. Fanslike to do what they can to support their favorite team, but sometimes, regardless of how much support they have, some teams still end up performing badly. We hear a lot about the teams that win the division and, of course, the World Series, but what happens to the teams that finish last?

According to Birds on the Black, the Cardinals have lost and been in last place only once. “I brought up Willie McGee’s 1990 batting title which was essentially won in absentia, given he was traded to the Oakland A’s in the American League around the time of the deadline but still had the requisite plate appearances in the National League to qualify…It’s not something that happens often or ever, and something else happened that season which is also rare: The Cardinals finished in last place. It was their first last place finish since 1918 and as we enter the 2019 season it has not been repeated.” Typically when teams rank last place, it’ll be a long time before they rank last again.

Most of the times when teams lose it can be tied to the team not having enough funding or losing a phenomenal player. Typically when a team ranks last place they don’t play the post season and aren’t really involved in it at all. Many think that they should shame the baseball team that ranks last, because sometimes it’s done on purpose. Some teams do this as a defense.

Birds on the Black also states that some teams work hard and the fans continue to feel the team owes them something. “But even teams who are rebuilding owe their fans some sort of baseline spending, to do what they can to put a worthwhile and watchable product on the field.”

Do you ever wonder about the losers in the MLB? You can find out who’s on that prestigious list by going to Wikipedia.

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